Paper Folding Packaging Box

The folding carton created the packaging industry as it is known today, beginning in the late 19th century. The process involves folding carton made of paperboard that is printed, laminated, cut, then folded and glued before transport to packagers. The cartons are shipped flat to a packager, which has its own machinery to fold the carton into its final shape as a container for a product.

Ouhai Printing also provide folding box for customer,wildly use in packaging range of gift, food, electronic product, cosmetic and make up,medician, wige ect with the different customized size and shape which including rectangle, square, pillow shape, triangle, trapezoid, irregular shape ect..And About the material of folding box , we can make it with kraft paper and coated paper . The black Kraft paper is suitable for hot stamping / UV logo . The brown/white kraft paper is suitable for printing logo. Coated paper is a good choice for full color printing , and we can also make it with Matt surface or Glossy surface according to your demand .

If you want the box look more special and luxury , it’s okay to add the handle (handle color is selectable) / PVC window (window shape can be customized ), and you can also change the material to Silver card paper / Speciality paper and make the emboss logo …

All the material, printing craft, paper type are selectable and customized

Compare with hardcover box, what the advantage of folding box:

1,Price are lower than paper hardcover box, because it with different cost material and simple process, lower labor fee.

2, Transportation cost are lower than hardcover box, because folding box is a just a paper to fold into a box. So the package will easier and save space.

3, Environmentally-friendly cost material, wildly use range for all kind of product.

Therefore, We have paper folding packaging box, we have an industrial line in our factory focus on the folding box manufacturing. If you need, 1000 pcs is our MOQ quantity, for the price, we need to have a communication with you. Please contact by email: or phone : +8618819382211, or messaging us directly on our website, My friend : )